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God’s Expectation | A Peek into PorchSide Poems | Book Coming Soon

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Written x Travis Knight | Photograph x Camila Pereira

Love is thought to be perfect by my eternal neighbor. Corrupted and contorted by magazines, movies, or maybe a moment caught by the eyes; for that moment and that moment only. Should it not be the opposite? Dreams built by hard work drift around but are denied by the misguiding illusion that floats in our generation, only to be truncated by the harsh, rough hide of reality.

Love is to be gifted, not given or taken, but granted and accepted. Battles erupt like ferocious earth pimples in every mind. Each is different and unique in its own pestering way, but still similar in nature. Perfection is a joke. It is a lonely palm tree slumbering next to a glistening watering hole, mounted atop a bone-dry precipice of insanity.

Love is not to expect, but rather to accept. To help that other, whether it be lover or brother, a close sister or a distant mister. Whatever or whomever it may be, love is to silence those never-ending bombshells that cloak thoughts, that dissolve self, that distract divinity. True love is to take that raging battle and tame it, even if it does not belong to you.

Love is sacrifice…
…the true embodiment of God’s expectation.

Your jaundiced beginning.
My shining conclusion.
Our connecting purpose.

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