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My Story

Although I had been writing poems, short stories, and even some travel blogs since the age of 16, it was not until my mid-20’s, that the true power of writing showed itself to me. In my lowest moments, I would get lost in a poem or a short story, and before I knew it, the hefty weight in my chest would subside. I fell in love with writing, but never pursued it professionally. Hell, I never dreamed of writing for a living.

It took two years or so for the dream of becoming a writer to solidify. For once in my life, I felt like I had a purpose, something I could use to connect myself to others, and, more importantly, others to others. But the moment when I knew it was really meant to be was when I pondered at failure. None of that mattered. Writing would be my medicine, even if the illness was due to failed writing. The writing process became that special place that I had been searching for all my life.

The Next Step

In 2015, I decided to further explore my love for writing by enrolling in college; BA in  English. Right before I enrolled in school, I released my first large project, a love story called The Court Tour. This personal accomplishment and the implementation of academia gave me the confidence to start reaching out to those in need of writing services.

I started out writing 500-700 word articles for $1.50, and wow, I wrote at least a hundred of those things! I also met many scammers who stole my work. Nonetheless, and six-years later, I have established myself as a writer who can provide various services. In January of 2020, I released my first print publication, a collection of poetry and abstract stories titled PorchSide Poems.

I only wish to continue to grow as a writer; covering various topics and expanding my abilities within the magical music of literature.

My Goals

My dream is to travel the world and document hidden happenings in various social, political, and natural settings.

I love nature, and I love to write about travel.

I love people, and love to write about current events.

The former and latter are what my near future looks like. However, I wish to do many things in the advocacy of literature. I would love to publish books and columns; fictitious and factual. Creating a platform where underground writers can come together and share their work is also a goal. Academically, the next step is my Master’s degree in journalism.

No matter what the future holds, I will continue to let my writing lead the way. I will never stray from adventure, and I will never stop striving to create articles and writings that entertain, educate, and enlighten my audience.