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Volunteer Copywriting for Tech-Based Harvard Alumni Program

From April 10, 2023, to December 12, 2023, I participated in a volunteer program with Harvard University. This program emboldens Harvard alumni who are seeking careers in the tech industry. Harvard in Tech (HiT) provides recent graduates with resources, networking opportunities, and career tools to ensure success in all of their professional endeavors.

During my time as a volunteer, I worked with a marketing team as a copywriter. I learned a plethora of skills during my time with HiT. However, the greatest takeaway was my experience of working with a large team. In helping HiT reach marketing goals (brand awareness, attracting donors, and the launch of a clothing/swag line), I wrote copy for internal documents, SEO articles, helped with social media campaigns, and wrote copy for their website. This experience strengthened me as a marketing writer, introduced me to working with large teams, and perhaps most importantly, was super fun!

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