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Busy New York Home Designer Seeks a Hand with Blog

JWH Design and Cabinetry is a high-end home designer who shines in customized work. From kitchens to bathrooms, this team of specialists is dedicated to making homeowners’ dreams come true.

The founder of this design team, Jennifer Howard reached out to me recently seeking help with her What’s New Blog. This woman is a BOSS, so she needed an extra hand with keeping her website relevant. Thus far, I have written two engaging articles for her; tapping into the tone spectacularly. My services include research and writing, keyword optimization, Alt. Image text, and Meta Titles/Descriptions for search engines. Also, I have been performing SEO for her past blog posts.

Jennifer Howard is awesome to work with. She is super friendly, and I respect the fact that she gets involved with the work. Her involvement shows dedication. While most clients will hire me to write something for them–in their voice–without ever touching the content, Jennifer gets her hands dirty and jumps right in; even amongst her busy life! The latter really adds authenticity to these posts.

To check out my work for JWH, check out these two pieces; a piece about Kitchen Trends of 2018 and a REVISITING of The Washington Post’s article who featured Jennifer Howard in their column. Enjoy the writing, and contact me for any kind of SEO content development services!

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