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Tribute Article for New Skateboard Release

Jesse Erickson was a lot of things: a legend in the San Jose skate scene, a master craftsman, and someone I have looked up to as a brother for most of my life. So, writing a tribute article in his memory was an honor, to say the least.

This article was more than just a tribute, as its main purpose was to market a new skateboard that reflected a collaboration between L.A. artist Brandon Hurley and FIREXSIDE Skateboards. Aside from writing the article and doing on-page SEO, I also wrote Jesse’s FIREXSIDE bio, the product description for the board, social media, and a newsletter. By working closely with the designer at Toebock Creative, we were able to sell this board completely out in less than a day, with a lot more pre-sales for the next run.

Check out the full article HERE!