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Journalism Sheds Light on Denver Skateboarding Legend, Shad Spencer

Shad Spencer is a staple in the Colorado skate scene. Having been on the scene since the late 90s, Shad has set the stage for the culture of skateboarding in Denver. Outside of skating, he is a dedicated dad, a craftsman, and a business owner. It’s been 15 years since I first met Shad at 303 Boardshop, and since then, he hasn’t skipped a beat. Aside from skating hard and putting out various parts over the years, he also launched a skateboard brand, Lunchbreak Skateboards, and just recently put out (and had a full part in) the company’s first video, Cotton Candy. So, when Toebock Creative approached me to write a piece on Shad, excitement encapsulated me. I could not wait to take my love of journalism and get to work.

For this article, I started with an interview with my old friend, Shad. It had been over a decade since I had seen or even spoken to Shad but the conversation is one that I will cherish until my last days. Next, I delved into the long process of transcription. From there, I crafted cornerstone content for Toebock Creative, a journalistic article that was widely received among audiences through various social media profiles, including toebock, Lunchbreak Skateboards, and Shad himself.

Check out my journalistic article, “Shad Spencer: The Gift that Keeps on Giving,” and enjoy this piece of cornerstone content.

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