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Written by Travis Knight

The sunshine feels damn good. Like a tunnel of calm sulking under weeping skylines. And there she is, her golden hair under a smile ferociously fought for. A somber goddess, fallen, but just for now. She will rise again. Stronger, conflicted, and beautiful.

The sounds came softly. Profound discourse amidst a mind too smart for its own good. And there he is, cold blue gaze submerged in fire red, solemn grey, and all the other colors mixed in ways that don’t work outwardly. An angel misstated upon introduction. He will break this mold. Stronger, conflicted, and beautiful.

The last 454 pages of constant have teased me, waiting for Robert Jordan to blow his bloody bridge. My stomach rock hard, from turkey sandwiches and snack-time seductions. And there I am, bleached calves licked by a favor. A simple man, reaching for complexity. But goD sits unsearched and unseen in armpit shadows. Stronger, conflicted, and beautiful.

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