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Bimini Blue

Poem by Travis Knight // Photograph by Camila Pereira

A brilliant blue abyss,

the smartest ocean I’ve ever seen.

It sat bold there, surrounding that oasis,

with luxuriant mangroves,

and pearl white beaches,

contrasts to an endless, azure horizon.

It greeted us,

as an expensive flight,

—a boat-bird-hybrid—

landing on the Atlantic’s warm flesh.

And now, as the tables have turned,

with a blue wave take-off,

to a concrete touch-down,

your tropical tickling,

woos and lures,

while your friendly smile

packs up our memories.

Memories of love, good times, togetherness,

and those forgotten in coconut rum.

Memories of reconnection, rekindling, rebuilding,

and all those other things we lose,

when the day-to-day,

slashes and gnaws at our hearts,

when the day-to-day,

Attacks our boundless love.

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