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Bear, Granite, and Beyond

Poetry by Travis Knight

To a lake where the Bear bustles,


wide eyes wondering,

from the shelter

of the great pine cities about.


A day’s trek,

through brush, boulders, streams.

The lake of Granite sits still,

awaiting our touch,

to furrow its crystal brow.


A sheer cliff standing,

one that we speculated just earlier,

through tears in treetops.

Achieve the stretch in front of you,

and your soul will grasp its goal.


Now kneeling, 9,000 feet above sea,

Stunning scenes, but don’t be tricked.

This place will kill you,

without a flinch,

or a thought given twice.


Through bloodsucking swarms,

moments of monsoon and scolding thunder,

muscles strained and screaming wits,

The price to pay to taste creation,

is worth the walk if you care to look.

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