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Written By: Travis Knight

Sun bleached lime coats the west wall,

a soft cream ceiling above,

holding my dreams,

of her;

of my love.


Prozac and Ambien dance a cruel waltz,

halting the drums in my chest,

allowing me to run away

from these badgers in my mind.



Metallic eye in the sky,

with mutating shimmers,

reflects from a nearby,


and cold,


Its stern pupil always watching.


Doctors tell tales of solutions,

providing biased comfort.

A cushion, maybe,

that turns to stone

when they are gone?

The ruthless stream of normality will surely soak me again.


A beautiful woman curses in my presence.

I offer her my lunch.

A smile curls her sunken face.

Brightens it, even.

I tell her to stay…



I gasp for a happy ending.

She finishes my lost sentence.


she says as her eyes fade.


The door slams.


Back into the stream

to try again.

Optimism gathers my hopes,

as the outside world

—blindingly I must say—

busily reminds me of its vigor.

Hello again.

We meet anew,

my elusive “Able.”

Next time will be different.

Next time I will be strong.


As I aimlessly stroll

the many Santa Rosa sidewalks,

a tear slugs down my face,

and as it falls towards it fate,

it screams desperately,


a morrow vacant of sorrow.


Wish me luck.

Wish us luck

as we continue to strive,

to be,


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