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Featured Writer — Surgery, Written By: Stephen Perdue

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Foreword by Travis Knight:

It was one of those late work nights; the ones that keep my eyes pried open through deep nights and into inevitable sunrises. Phone calls are rare during these stints, and when they do occur, it’s usually some kind of crisis on the other line. Facetimes prove to be even more desperate; devastating moments when the party ends but no one wants to accept it—the drunk dial—the come-down call. So, when I saw that Stephen Perdue was Facetiming me at 4 a.m., part of me was afraid to answer.

I struggled to maintain conversation as I clicked away at my keyboard. To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to what my good friend was saying; I was in the zone. It was not until Perdue said, “Hey Travadaddy, I just found this old journal. Can I read this to you, brother?” that my attention shifted away from whatever the fuck I was trying to accomplish.

I must’ve asked Perdue to read his journal entry to me another five times. The short piece was concisely written and had everything a story needed. Somehow, Perdue managed to implement an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution in a text that is shorter than this foreword!

Whether it be skateboarding, cooking, writing, or illustrating, Perdue shines as a multifaceted creative. It never ceases to amaze me to see what talent will pop out of Perdue next. I’m proud to share this featured piece; one that reflects the personality of the writer while simultaneously showcasing his illustrative skills. Enjoy.


Illustration & Writing By: Stephen Perdue

It’s been two weeks since I was hit by a car in San Francisco, and today is the day before my neck surgery. Two discs, C6 and C7, will be fused together due to a fracture in C6. I’m pretty nervous but—somehow—I am able to put the whole surgery in the back of my mind. Ready to get this over with and begin the road to recovery!

This morning my mother and I got breakfast in St. Charles at a new restaurant called Brunch. I got the Eggs Benedict and my momma got an egg skillet dish called, “Ay Kurumba!” We both had leftovers. Now, I’m just killing time before BBQ at Paul’s house with Jake and hopefully Tony.

As I reminiscence, I realize that I have so much at my fingertips, but I often chose to tie the noose. Nonetheless, I’m still trying to stay positive; feel like all will be good, healing will just take some precious time…

Knight Writes | Featured Writer: Surgery, by Stephen Perdue

About the Author

Knight Writes | Featured Writer: Surgery, by Stephen Perdue

Stephen Perdue is an American skateboarder from St. Charles, Illinois. In 2017, Perdue was in a horrible accident which has left him in recovery until this day. Since then, Steve has been focusing on other creative outlets such as writing, cooking, and drawing.

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