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How Content Writing Rewrites the Future

Written by Travis Knight

Content writing in its purest form tells a story, and human beings are hard-wired to read stories. By reading stories, we find out about the world where it is unreachable, about actions that are unattainable, and most importantly, about ourselves when we feel unexplainable. In our current day, content writing is the most prominent form of storytelling. It is a powerful tool that helps take an innovative brand’s mission and grants it meaning, allowing it to shine in the human experience.

“Content writing is the mental medicine…”

Content writing bridges the gap between real-world problems and the revolutionary entities that seek solutions. It quickly rewrites predicaments as pests of the past. By implementing creative content into a brand’s strategy, a whole plethora of issues we face is addressed. Communities once broken are rebuilt. People once plagued by poor health, financial strife, or personal disintegration become healed. Content writing is the mental medicine for so many of our ailments, and therefore, is the foundation of our freedom.

Content writing does not just connect us with brands and businesses, it connects us with each other. Whether it is a playful blog entry, compelling copy for a web page, or simply a creative CTA, content writing opens our minds, granting us the opportunity to see someone who was once out of sight. In other words, content writing is an enabler of empathy. Today, we are exposed to so many different forms of content writing on a daily basis that it is easy to take for granted their power; it is easy to shoo them away as simple stories. But when we delve deeper into the true and underlining purpose of these stories, only then do we understand that content writing is so much more than just a story.


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