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Extensive Research SEO Article Writing…

…For BIM Solutions Specialists.

Every month, I provide Datum Tech Solutions with my SEO article writing services for a “Big Blog,” as I have come to call it. The article is required to cover popular topics in construction technology and the industry which they cater.

This SEO article, Scanning for Justice, is an informative article about 3D laser scanners and robotic total stations and how the implementation of these innovative solutions is revolutionizing forensic sciences.

I love writing for this industry. Passionate copy comes naturally with topics that I believe in. BIM solutions provides economic, development, and safety benefits for the commercial construction industry; the latter, a facet I believe to be helpful for mankind and a brighter future.

Currently, I provide all the SEO article writing for Datum Tech Solutions’ From the Field Blog. This amounts to about three articles a month–along with social media services and other SEO attributes. Feel free to explore their blog for more of my work!

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