Knight Writes | From Transcription to Blockchain Blog / by Travis Knight

From Transcription…

…to Blockchain Blog.

The iCoin Blog is a place for aspiring cryptocurrency enthusiasts to pick up on beginners’ tips. However, the Blog found itself in a tight situation–it needed an article produced within 24-hours, but was absent a writer. That’s where I came in.

This particular project began with a transcription of an 18-minute video (2nd video) that needed to be re-written into an SEO-friendly article. Furthermore, the article needed to be engaging, but could not stray away from the audience. In other words, the article needed to harness both professional and personal tones.

This Blockchain blog explores a new technology called NUI Social; an American-based business that guarantees 100% transparency. The client was pleased with a quick turnaround and was more than happy with the finished product.

Check out the article HERE!

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